My good friend Tom Vadnais often talks about taking pictures “around your home” or in the city where you live.  For practice, yes, but also to not miss the beauty that you’re constantly surrounded by.  I’ll be honest and say that when I think of taking pictures “around my home” (aside from taking pictures of Holly’s flowers), I’m thinking of taking pictures in the Smokies – not little ole Maryville, TN.  Well, earlier this year Holly and I were attending the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s “Picnic in the Park” concert, which is a wonderful free concert the KSO puts on every year hear at the Maryville Greenbelt park, and I noticed something.  As the sun was setting behind us and we were listening to beautiful music, I happened to look up as the face of the clock tower of our little courthouse was being bathed in the last rays of sunlight – and it was gorgeous.  It occurred to me that I had never tried to capture the building, and really that I never paid too much attention to the structure.  Turns out the courthouse was constructed way back in 1907, and if you take a minute to look at it, it’s actually quite pretty. 

Well, about a month later the conditions worked out nicely and I setup to take pictures of the clock tower as the sunset, just as I had seen it on the evening of the concert.  The sky turned beautiful and once again the face of the tower was lit up by golden rays.  Such a nice place we get to call home!

Next week Picture of the Week is off to the desert of Arizona.  I’m REALLY excited to get to share these images with you.  See you then!

–Dan Thompson

Title Address Description
Blount County Courthouse
383 Court St, Maryville, TN 37804, USA

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