The return to day time! 🙂

Well happy Mother’s Day everyone!  I wanted to kick off my “Spring in East Tennessee” series here on Picture of the Week with a tribute to mothers everywhere, and I couldn’t think of a better image to do that than one of my wife’s prized lilac bush.  Holly planted this bush a number of years ago and now looks forward to it blooming every year.  The smell of this thing is just incredible!  I can be a bit “hard of smelling”, but I could smell the lilac loud and clear! 🙂

What a beautiful spring we’ve had here in the Southeast.  Holly and I returned from our trip to South Africa just as the dogwoods and red buds were peaking (the red buds were prettier this year than I ever remember them being!) and it was such a treat.  We had no sooner gotten our things unpacked and I was running out the door to photograph the blooms.  Since then I’ve also spent some more time in the streams, but we’ll talk more about that in the coming weeks.

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Maryville, TN, USA

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