Happy Sunday everyone!

If you’ve followed along with this blog for a bit, you’ll remember that this past fallfinally found my groove with shooting streams, and it has been a BLAST.  I tried shooting some this winter, but I was just never able to make anything happen (I was really wanting a snow + stream scene, but alas… not much snow).  However I’ve had a lot of fun this spring getting back in the water (I’m hoping to go again later this afternoon in fact!) and finding new scenes now that the leaves are back on the trees.

This spring we’ve had a TON of rain here in East Tennessee, which has made shooting a little challenging.  For those that missed it, my big revelation was getting in the stream, rather than shooting it from the banks.  For me personally, this opened the door to a totally new way of seeing the streams and rivers in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  However, with all this rain, it’s made getting in the water challenging (and unsafe at times)… BUT it has also created some scenes that simply won’t exist in lower water conditions.  This week’s scene is a classic example of that.  The cascade in the foreground of this shot is a really shallow section and is essentially overflow to the mass of water that flows off to the right (unseen in this picture).  In lower water conditions, this would all be dry.  I loved all the moss here, and all the layers of this particular cascade as I felt like it gave the scene a lot of character.  I *may* need to return here in the fall!  🙂

–Dan Thompson

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Middle Prong
Middle Prong Trail, Tennessee, USA

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