If you’ve followed along with my photography blog for a while, you’ve no doubt noticed that I take some pictures of weird stuff sometimes, right?  I think far too often people put themselves in a box and say, “I only shoot _________”, fill in the blank.  For some its wildlife, for other’s its mountains, for yet others it may be weddings, portraits, etc.  You get the point.  I’ve had my moments!  For a while I only shot star trails.  Then I struggled to find inspiration here at home (I only shoot travel photography!). 

My approach now, however, is if I see something I personally find interesting, I shoot it.  That is definitely the case for this week’s image.

Our routine in Buenos Aires went like so, my coworker and I would go off on our day, meeting with people and doing our research.  We’d come back to our end of town, I’d drop her off at her hotel, and then I’d walk back to mine, pick up Holly, and then go met my coworker again so that we could all get dinner.  Every afternoon as Holly and I would wait in the lobby of my coworker’s hotel, I’d see this scene at the very back of the lobby (it was actually through the little cafe area where they served breakfast), and I’d sit and stare at it.  One day I even got up and took a picture of it with my phone.  After catching my eye several times I decided I just needed to bring my camera with me the following day and take a proper picture of it.  To me, the scene just lends itself to so many metaphors, and I love it. 

As photographers, we’re always going toward the light, and I think this image just screams that!

 –Dan Thompson

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Bonpland 1484, C1414CMP CABA, Argentina

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