This past fall I discovered what some of you had discovered already and that’s the joys of shooting with a 14mm lens.  I’ve owned a 14mm lens for quite a while now, and typically just used it for night photography.  However this past fall, when I finally found my mojo in the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains, I found that once you learn how to “see” with it, you can have an absolute blast shooting with it.  To that point though, you have to sort of learn the lens; learn how it distorts, learn how to position your camera with it for the most impact… stuff like that.  Without a doubt there has been a lot of trial and error, but there has been a lot of fun too.  In fact, on my last trip to Boston, I took only this lens to make myself use it more, and explore how I could shoot with it more on the street (you’ll see a picture from that trip in the near future here in POTW!).

Well, I got that idea actually in Buenos Aires as we were exploring around in the city.  Buenos Aires, and Argentina in general, has this REALLY cool vibe about it.  There is this interesting blend of Latin America and Europe, and you can feel it everywhere you go in the city.  One of the aspects I liked about the city were the cobblestone / brick streets.  One night while out wandering around, I decided to try to work this in to a street scene.  It took some practice (I was having to hand hold these shots since they were in the middle of an active roadway… that took some patience with long night exposures), but I finally got the hang of it, and was really excited about this particular shot.

Oh!  If you’re wondering about the name of this week’s post, checkout the name of the restaurant on the right-hand side of the image.  🙂

More from Buenos Aires next week!

–Dan Thompson

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