This week’s picture of the week is one of my “weird photos” (as Holly would say), in that it’s not about pretty scenery, but rather lines and color (this is typically a shot I would think of in black and white, but the orange was just so good I had to leave it color!).  I always enjoy trying to shoot things like this, though I’m rarely successful, at least in my own mind.  

This past year while I was in Singapore, I stayed closer to the heart of the central business district so that there would be more things around of interest.  I ended up finding an inexpensive hotel on Bencoolen street, and so every day I found myself passing through this particular subway station.  One of the things I tend to appreciate in foreign countries are the subway stations, because some cities / countries look at them as show pieces for architecture, as opposed to just functional tunnels that are all grey and gross looking (ahem… USA), and one such place is Singapore.  Not all of them are interesting, of course, but this particular one was for sure.  The first thing that struck me was how deep the thing went.  I am forgetting not, but it was either 6 or 7 of these REALLY long escalators down to where the trains where and the cavity in the earth seemed to get bigger and bigger as you went down.  Every day I looked at this and thought, man, I need to bring my camera here one night and just play.  So I did!   I’m sure the security guards must have thought I’d lost my mind because I rode the escalators up and down at least 20 times working on different compositions and different shots! LOL  I ended up liking this one the best.  What a fun time!

More from Singapore next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Bencoolen MRT Station, Singapore

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