One more from the swamp!

I have to admit that I had a REALLY hard time choosing favorites from the bayous of East Texas.  It was a new subject for me, and I liked the diversity of shots there there so much, I came away several images that I really like. Sooo… I’m going to cheat one last time this year and offer up a Picture of the Week with more than one image!  Think of it as my little gift to you!  🙂

While I’m admitting things, I’ll go ahead and admit that I can’t take credit for this first image.  My buddy Steve (pictured) Zigler and I were taking pictures in the swamp one morning when he called me over and wanted me to model for him.  After he photographed me, we swapped.  So while I pushed the shutter button on the camera, the idea was totally his!  One of the interesting / challenging things I found about the swamps was that the water slicked out so well, that a lot of times when you went wide with a shot, it could be a little hard to tell what you were looking at.  The reflection was so perfect, the images came away looking like camouflage or something!  Adding in the person to the scene, however, gives the viewer a frame of reference through a “known object”, which makes it easier for your brain to make sense of it all.  After I caught Steve’s vision for it, I loved it!

Below are some more examples from the bayou.  These are the rest of my favorites, or at least as many as I felt like people would scroll through anyway!

Speaking of favorites, tomorrow I’ll be publishing my favorite photos of 2018, which is something I’ve come to look forward to every year. Keep an eye out!

–Dan Thompson

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