I mentioned in last week’s post that Chengdu, China is really known for the pandas, but has some other notable attributes as well.  The city itself is a pretty modern looking city, with newer high-rises and lots of construction going on around the city, suggesting that it is a city on the move (frankly this can be said of most Chinese cities it seems!).  Like many other cities in China, however, there can be found lots of nods towards the country’s history and ancient styles of architecture.  One such example is the Anshun Bridge (sometimes Anshun Lang Bridge), which crosses the Jin River that traverses the city.  The original bridge was destroyed in the 1980’s by flooding, and this particular one was completed in 2003, yet the architects kept a lot of the traditional look and feel.  The bridge itself is a pedestrian bridge as well as a large restaurant and collection of shops.  Quite the neat accent for the bustling city!

–Dan Thompson

Title Address Description
Anshun Bridge
Anshun Lang Bridge, Binjiang E Rd, Jinjiang Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China, 610061

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