SUPER exciting news!

I mentioned in this week’s Picture of the Week that Holly and I had some really exciting news to share… so hopefully you’ll humor me a second Picture of the Week… perhaps this should be labeled a “Picture of a Lifetime”!  Today we realized a dream come true with the closing on a small farm here in Blount County.  This is something that we have been dreaming about, and looking forward to, for quite some time.  The ultimate goal is to build a house out there, have a nice garden, and Holly has been itching to get some chickens and goats… so who knows what all our future has in store!  I’ve created a blog for the farm antics and goings-on, which can be found here (  Hopefully it will be as fun to read as I’m sure it will be to create.

Being a photographer, you know I had to get out to the property with my camera.  🙂  I was rewarded this past Friday with an amazing sunset, our first on the property!  The current plan is for this view to be what is seen from our back porch, so we’ll have the opportunity to see many more of these.  We couldn’t be more excited for this next adventure!

–Dan Thompson

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Thompson Farm
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