Okay, okay, this is different!

Here’s the scoop.  I haven’t taken just a ton of pictures this year yet because I’m trying to hone my editing skills.  I *generally* like for the images that I share to be photo realistic, meaning the image looks like what was in front of me at the time I took the photo.  BUT… let’s be honest.  Sometimes you go to a place once in your life, and you don’t get handed the best of conditions, so you either don’t come back with any thing, or you get creative.  Now… usually I don’t get this creative, but here lately I’ve been itching to try something different and unusual.  This week is more about art than photography, next week we’ll get back to photography. ….maybe.  🙂

So what is it?  Well, the scene may be familiar because it’s the same grouping of buildings as last week, but I wanted to really focus in on the front row.  So basically I artistically removed the other rows of the photo.  Then I wanted to give the impression of both day and night.  And that’s it!  The rest is for the viewer.

–Dan Thompson

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Hong Kong
20 Tak Fung St, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

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