After last week’s story of the monkey bounding off a tourist and causing a scene (the tourist… not the monkey LOL), I had a number of people ask me where the monkey’s were in the image.  The little guys were EVERYWHERE in the cave, but because they move so fast, and the cave was dark, none actually showed up in the picture.  However, I did take pictures of the monkeys and thought I’d share a few here this week.

I posed this question a few weeks ago on Instagram, and I’ll ask it again here, but what in your mind is the difference between a jungle and a forest?  My answer would be monkeys!  We’ve toured some places in Mexico where the trees and everything else look similar to the mountains and forests we have here in East Tennessee… and while we were there, I even said, I feel like this is more of a forest than a jungle.  Then the monkeys appear, and nope!  We’re in a jungle for sure!  🙂  Monkeys have a way of making a place feel exotic and different… and maybe that is the *true* difference…. forests are places you’re familiar with, and jungles are far away places you aren’t.   Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

More next week!

–Dan Thompson

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Remember I mentioned that the monkey’s would steal things?  Well note the one in the tree, left of center, that has stolen someone’s Tupperware container!

Interesting note on this picture, Instagram actually filtered this image out of my post, and I’m assuming because their artificial intelligence thought it was a mother nursing… which it is!… but the skin tones and faces are close enough to human that I think it was confused.  🙂

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