I wanted to end my series on Colorado with this shot of downtown Denver.  Holly and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves out west, and I look forward to us getting to return one day.  Denver itself is an extremely cool city, with lots of amazing scenery nearby.  Hopefully you’ve gotten a little taste of that these past few weeks.

When I went to Denver I had a shot in mind.  A shot of downtown with the mountains in the background.  Evidently this shot exists, but has to be taken from the roof of a building (the art museum I’m told), and it closes before the blue hour… which is specifically what I was after (in scenes like this I like the sky to not be totally black, though that does work sometimes).  Instead, I ended up with this vantage point, and ended up really liking it.  I was at a tech conference with business leaders from around Colorado and one of the other attendees (a gentlemen I was going to be on a panel with later) and I started talking about hobbies, and realized we both loved photography.  I mentioned the type of shot I was after, and he mentioned this tiny park on the corner of Zuni St. and W. 26th.  It turns out the area is a little shady (I’m told there are parts of Denver that are sort of endearing for their scruffiness… I’m not sure this spot has made it to that list yet), but has an EXCELLENT view.  You can see by all the cranes that the city is in transition, something that has been a trend in Denver for a while now.  Growth seems to be part of its DNA now.  Regardless, the city has a certain beauty and structure to it that stands out to my eyes.

Till next week!

–Dan Thompson

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2618 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211, USA

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