So I’ve mentioned over the past couple of weeks that I’ve got a new way to process my night sky images and that has allowed me to get more color and detail out of the Milky Way.  Well, as part of learning that process, I’ve gone back and reprocessed some of my older images.  It’s a great way to learn without having to spend countless hours in field at night (though that is certainly fun as well!).  Now, if you’ve been following along the blog for some time you know that I have a huge love of Easter Island.  The place is just captivating.  Soooo, of course those were some of the images I had to go back and mess with again! 🙂  Well, I’m so pleased with the outcome that I wanted to share the images again, after the remastering process.  For reference, here’s a link to the first post with these (and more!) images.  Also, now I REALLY want to go back again! LOL

–Dan Thompson

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Easter Island
Easter Island, Valparaiso Region, Chile


The Milky Way over Anakena



Thinking of the Galaxy


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