I had originally planned to post about Poland later in the year so as to keep my posts in (mostly) chronological order, BUT… this is just too special not to share now 🙂

Last weekend Holly and I had the great pleasure of attending one of our Polish friend’s wedding… IN POLAND. Our friend Agata and her husband Jacob were married on July 1st in a ceremony that was a blend of Polish and Danish (Jacob is Danish) traditions, with at least three different languages being spoken at any given time. Talk about interesting and unique (At one point during the reception, the Groom was hoisted up in the air, his shoe ripped off, and his sock cut, which is a Danish thing, but no one knew the reasoning behind it LOL)! The festivities started at 1:30PM and Holly and I tapped out at around 1AM, having had a whole lot of fun in between. It was such a cool thing that one picture just doesn’t do it justice (and frankly, I’m not sure even what I’ve assembled here does), BUT I thought I’d give you all a taste of it all.

Agata and Jacob, Holly and I wish you all the best for your life together! Enjoy the good times together, and have patience with one another during the hard times (and there will be hard times). May God bless you both! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

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