Here in East Tennessee, when we get an inch of snow, basically the entire place shuts down. Well, for those that don’t live here, day before yesterday we got about 4 – 5 inches, depending on where you live. It was AWESOME! I’ve bee hoping to get a nice snowy stream scene (since Fall colors didn’t really work out for me this year), so as soon as the roads were safe yesterday, I headed up to the Great Smoky Mountains. The park itself was still closed, so I parked the car and walked in (with lots of warm clothes of course… 13 degrees is cold, I don’t care who you are). I got there a little late, so I didn’t get to venture too far up Laurel Creek Rd, but I did get the opportunity to work this little set of falls. Good times!

A friend of mine and I hiked up the Foothills Parkway this morning for sunrise, and it ultimately didn’t pan out very well, BUT it was still fun… and I think my face and fingers are finally thawing out. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to shoot some more before it’s all gone and back to 65, otherwise next week… Asia! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

Laurel Creek Road

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