It’s CRAZY to think that 2016 is all but over! This year has absolutely flown by, and what a year it has been. As I’ve been preparing My 5 Favorite Photos from 2016 (you can the 2015 edition here)post, I’m reminded how blessed we’ve been this year with some amazing journey’s and experiences. I was joking with Holly just last night that I’m not really sure what to think of the fact that my absolute favorite photo from 2016 was taken on January 7th. 🙂 I fear I peaked a little early!

As we reflect on the past year over this Christmas and Holiday Season, and look forward to the road ahead of 2017 (you see what I did there?), whatever it may bring, we hope you follow your passions and that your hands find fulfilling work to do. Happy Holidays everyone! See you next week for Christmas!

–Dan Thompson

Metcalf Bottoms

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