Funny story. So last year when Holly and I went to California, I brought home so many pictures I was happy with… I actually got sort of bored of posting them. I changed subjects on POTW after San Diego and Joshua Tree National Park, with every intent on coming back to LA, BUT, I never did. It works out though, because this trip to LA, despite my best efforts, I really didn’t come away with any pictures I was excited about. It happens.

My buddy Adam found out Holly and I were going to LA, and he was kind enough to share some pointers with us on things to do. He and his wife had just gone, and had lots of good ideas. At the top of their list was the Griffith Observatory. The Observatory itself sits high up on a ridge, overlooking the main downtown area of Los Angeles, and resides in Bronson Canyon – Griffith Park. The views from up there are AMAZING. There are trails going all over the mountains, and if you keep walking, you can actually get a pretty good view of the Hollywood sign. What I was after though, was a good place to photograph LA. I liked this spot because the Griffith Observatory is itself an interesting looking building, and LA’s skyline in the background makes it all the better. If you’re going to LA, I’d highly recommend it!

–Dan Thompson

Griffith Observatory

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