Last year when Holly and I visited Southern California, we were blessed with some AMAZING sunsets (this year, not so much). It seemed like every night the sky was just on fire. It was awesome. On this particular night, we had ventured over to Muscle Beach (Venice Beach) to see what we could see. If you’re in to body building at all (which… I’m not), or at least have kept up with it some, it’s a fun place to see in person. There was no one working out in the actual gym (and it’s not open to the public, which is a downer), however there are uneven bars and rings, and all sorts of other stuff around that people were messing around on that was entertaining (not to mention all the resident beach bums).

While we were there we decided to walk down the beach a bit to watch the sunset. As the sun went down and the sky lit up with color, we saw several dolphins (basically impossible to photograph in that light) and then this boat went sailing by! Classic subject for an ocean scene!

–Dan Thompson

Muscle Beach

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