I mentioned last week that I had rented a camera and as a result had spent some extra time out shooting. One of those outings resulted in a few sunrise images that I really liked, so this week you get two pictures for the price of one!

One of the things that I personally enjoy about sunrises and sunsets is just how dynamic the situations typically are. Scenes change quite dramatically, resulting in many different opportunities for photos. The picture above and below were taken within 20 minutes of each other, yet look totally different (one is obviously zoomed more). As we were watching the sun come up, my buddy Steve said “Man, those first rays of light are just magical”. I’d agree 100%. As the sun peeked out from behind Mount Le Conte, light just spewed everywhere. Suddenly what had been hidden was revealed. It’s so awesome to witness!

–Dan Thompson

Foothills Parkway

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