I mentioned last week that what Beijing lacks in a city skyline, it more than makes up for with lots of cool architecture. That architecture ranges from brand new and futuristic looking, like the Giant Egg, all the way to very old and ancient, like the Forbidden City featured above. Constructed over 14 years and completed in 1420, the Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace for almost 500 years!

The Forbidden City is a fascinating place to visit, and a whole lot of fun to photograph. The 180 acre complex is surrounded by a moat, which makes for some awesome reflection shots. I actually shot from this same location, which is one of the back corners of the complex, the first time Holly and I visited, but the sky was just gray and I didn’t have a good vision for how to shoot it. This time though I had a plan, and was lucky enough that the sky cooperated for just a few minutes!

Next week I’ll be starting a two part photo essay series on the Great Wall. For many people, myself included, it is one of the central reasons to visit China, and frankly there’s a reason for that… it’s amazing!

–Dan Thompson

Forbidden City

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