Happy Mother’s Day to the mommas and the momma’s mommas (Okay, all Mothers 🙂 )!

As promised last week, this week POTW starts the journey to Easter Island! Getting to the famous home of the Moais is not particularly easy… well, I should say it’s not particularly short. Most trips to the island include a stop-over in Santiago, Chile, as the flight in from the States lands just after the last flight to Easter Island has taken off. It’s just as well though, because Santiago is a cool town to hang out in!

This was Holly and I’s second time to Santiago (the first was also on a stop-over to Easter Island), but this time the city had a shiny new, super tall building to admire and go to the top of! The Grand Torre Santiago (also known as Costanera Center Torre 2) was completed in 2013 and includes a public observatory on floors 61 and 62, which is REALLY cool. Holly and I checked it out and enjoyed it so much we decided to return later in the day to catch the sunset! Turns out, it is basically the place to watch the sunset in the city, and we were blessed with quite the colorful show. As the sun went down the sky looked like it was on fire. No matter which direction you looked from the 360 degrees available, there seemed to be color in the sky. If you’re ever in town, I highly recommend it!

–Dan Thompson

Gran Torre Santiago, Chile

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