Okay, I’m doing something a little different this week. Instead of just posting a single image, I’m posting several that I took with a common theme; red leaves. I get on these project kicks from time to time where I focus on a particular aspect of photography, or I include something in a series of pictures. I do this to help my creative thinking, and generally you, the readers, only see one image… but I think I’m going to change that. So, here goes!

I mentioned last week that I had toyed around with photographing streams, by not photographing streams. An aspect of that turned into placing a red leaf in a scene, and aiming to make *that* the focal point, instead of the stream itself. That morphed into just having fun with all the pretty red leaves we had this year, and thus the images you see below. Full disclosure, as I mentioned, the river scenes all contain a red leave that was not there on its own; I hope you can forgive me. 🙂

–Dan Thompson


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