A few of my friends who also enjoy photography have been in town this past week and so we decided to try shooting the sunrise on multiple occasions… only to come away empty handed. Then, in a last ditch effort, Pat, Paul, and I decided to try one more time, the day after Christmas. The sky looked promising when we arrived, and it seemed to be trying to give us a bit of a show, with some hints of red along the bottoms of some clouds… but then it all seemed to fall apart. And then, the rain started. Now, you would think I would take my own advice, and be willing to wait it out, but to be totally honest, I was starting to give up. I even said out loud, “welp, I guess we’re in for another dud”. Paul and Pat were optimistic though, and then from out of no where… this happened. Beautiful rays emerged from behind the mountains and we got all sorts of colors throughout the scene. Good reminder guys, you just never know!

I had such a hard time deciding which image I liked best that I decided to embrace the spirit of the giving season… and just share both! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and continue to enjoy the season!

–Dan Thompson

Foothills Parkway

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