I think I probably said this a few times on social media, but when it comes to my list of places to see, Philadelphia wasn't near the top.  Actually, let me just be honest and say it probably wasn't on the list at all.  Holly had mentioned a few times about going to Amish country in the past, but when considering where to spend vacation days between Pennsylvania and anywhere else… I'd choose anywhere else.  I guess it's good then that my Picture Me, Loving You project basically dictated that we go there… because we ended up having a really good time!  I was a little surprised at all the city had to offer, as well as the wealth of things to do in relative proximity.  If you're a US history buff, this is definitely a place you should visit (I'm admittedly just a casual history buff, and I still enjoyed it).  There is certainly something to standing in the place that something significant happened, and this area is full of such places.

   One afternoon Holly and I decided to go looking for the Reading Market, and decided that it was such a pretty day that we'd just walk there rather than try to figure out public transportation.  We had already wasted a good hour or so looking for a parking place, so this seemed like the sensible thing to do.  While the walk was long, it did offer us a really good tour of the city itself (I think we walked a triangle around the city from site to site).  While walking around downtown, I was trying to get some shots of the traffic, and I happened to look up and catch this view.  Older buildings mixed with newer buildings… seems to be sort of the theme of Philadelphia.

–Dan Thompson

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