Seattle Sunrise

   Happy Easter everyone!  Today's post is admittedly not a very "Eastery" one, but I'm on a Seattle kick at the moment, so I'm just running with it.  Speaking of Easter and pictures though, I was very excited this week that my friends at Fellowship Church here in Knoxville decided to use some of my pictures for the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services (this was the picture they used this morning).  It's a lot of fun seeing my work up on the big screens and bringing glory to God.  Neat stuff!

   Anyway, back to Seattle.  Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, how pretty you are!  I seriously don't know what it is about Seattle that I love so much, but it has a really nice skyline, and I always enjoy cities on the water.  I was captivated by her back in 2012 when Holly and I went out there the first time, and was super excited to get to return just a few weeks ago.  As I was photographing there, I kept laughing to myself that I took similar pictures of the skyline last go around, but I took them again anyway because it is so fun.  I was really pleased with the skyline picture I got last time, but I think I like this one even better.  I found a location this time with no trees in the foreground and I caught everything just at first light, when the water and sky are nice and navy, all the lights of the city are still on, and just a bit of color is starting to appear in the sky.

   One of the things I love about traveling out West is that I can take advantage of my internal clock still being on East Coast time, while actually being physically on the West Coast.  It makes those early morning sunrise wakeup calls a little more bearable.  I actually caught this image on my first morning in town.  I woke up at 4:15AM with no alarm… tossed and turned for a bit, and then just decided to get up and go catch the sunrise.  My cousin Mike had recommended a few places, and so I just hopped in the car and started driving until I stumbled on this little park over in West Seattle.  The area was very peaceful, and an absolutely wonderful place to watch the sunrise.  On this particular morning I didn't get any dramatic color in the sky, BUT, that just gives me an excuse to shoot there again, taking similar shots to the ones I took last time… and loving every minute of it.

–Dan Thompson


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