Little Yellow Corvette

   Let me just say that it is nice to have friends, and it is VERY nice to have a friend that has a Corvette… and will let you borrow it.  Said friend has asked to remain anonymous for reasons that should be fairly obvious, though a good many of my other friends will recognize the car.  Good times indeed!  Well, I keep telling Holly that I will own a Corvette one day, and she keeps telling me that I can keep dreaming.  Given that, I was excited to see what her reaction would be when she came home to see this beauty sitting in our driveway.  I left a little early so I knew I would beat her home and then waited patiently for her to pull in the drive.  I could see her laughing before she even opened the door of her car and then she promptly jumped and said to me "I don't know why you're doing this to yourself… you're not getting one!"… To which I replied that I already had, and this was it.  She knew better.  I'd call that a success though.  I figure if I keep bringing Corvettes home, and she doesn't yell at me, then when I actually bring my own home, maybe it won't be a total melt down.  Or perhaps even, she won't even notice (for a few days).  Highly unlikely.

    If you've been paying attention on Facebook you've likely seen me tease a photography project I've been working on since early last Summer.  I'm still wrestling with a name for the project; its known only as the "Mascot Project" in my notes, but it has been a ton of fun, and has taken me to some interesting places and provided me with opportunities like these.  My friend… we'll call him Bob… let me borrow the car for that shoot, and then I took out for a little photoshoot of it's own.  Yep… I need one.

–Dan Thompson

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