Destin Sunrise


Last week I mentioned that I had stumbled on Norriego Point by looking at Google maps and doing a little exploring while we were in Destin a little while back.  Well, I discovered the spot where this photo was taken while I was taking those pictures!  I love how that works out.  On the right-hand side of this picture you can see a sandy hill and a sign out in the water… that’s Norriego Point.  Inevitably while I’m goofing around, waiting for the light to change, I’ll scout around and look for new angles and generally just try to see if I’m missing something cool.  As I was wandering around, I happened to notice that the side of the Destin bridge facing me had a guarded sidewalk on it, that went all the way across.  After a little investigation and research (more Google maps), I found that not only would that be a nice picture to potentially get sunrise colors, but also that there was a convenient place to park right next to where the sidewalk starts.  Perfect!

On the morning of the last full day we were in Destin, I decided to try my luck and get up early.  I got out well before first light, as usual, and headed in to town.  I patiently stood and waited on the bridge, which I have to admit was a bit creepy, and was luckily rewarded with some nice soft colors.  I’m always amused that something that looks so trashy to me (all the shops and stuff on the left side of the picture), can be quite pretty, given the right light.  If you’re ever in Destin, trying to find a place to take pictures of the sunrise, I’d highly recommend this spot.  Just before you drive across the bridge headed towards Fort Walton, there is a left-hand turn that pulls in to a small parking lot connected to the Harborwalk Village.  Park there, and have a wonderful time! Smile

–Dan Thompson

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