Wheelie through DC


Last week in Picture of the Week, I mentioned that our friend Nico from Poland was coming in to visit us for several weeks.  Well, he has been here for a week and there have been many adventures and entertaining moments along the way (my friend Ben says he will have a very skewed view of American life once we’re done LOL).  He has been zip-lining, ridden his first roller coaster (at Dollywood, no less), visited an elementary school for a day, and this weekend we went to Washington, D.C. via Megabus.

Now, Nico is a very talented individual.  You’ll be hanging out with him and then realize he has some skill you never knew he had… such as playing the guitar… or… riding a wheelie for seemingly as long as he wants to!  After walking around for most of the day visiting museums, our feet were killing us, but there was still so much of D.C. to see!  Enter Capital Bikeshare (more on this later).  The three of us rented bikes and took off through the Mall so we could see the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and all the sights along the way.  That’s when it happened.  Nico pops a wheelie and takes off riding, carrying on a conversation as though nothing unusual was happening!  Of course… we had to document.

–Dan Thompson

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