The Nemo tunnel in the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area

I’m going to step away from Poland content for just a bit (I figured you would want a short break) and post something local.  By now you guys have probably noticed that I sometimes get photographic ideas in my head and then I run with them. Sometimes these ideas work out… sometimes they don’t.  Well, this week’s picture is one such idea (I’ll let you be the judge of if it worked out or not).

Several months ago my friend Jay came in to work with some pictures he had snapped while out off-roading.  Jay is a bit of a Jeep fanatic, and he and some fellow Jeep fanatics had gotten together up near Obed for a ride. In these pictures were a tunnel that looked AWESOME.  Turns out this tunnel is an old abandoned railroad tunnel, and now that the tracks have been removed, you can drive through it in a vehicle. Totally cool stuff.

I talked Jay in to taking me up there, with the tradeoff being that I’d take some cool pictures of his Jeep while we were there.  The tunnel is not THAT hard to get to if you know where it is, but once you’re there, its a trip!  The train tracks now go through a tunnel not far from this one, and I can tell you, it is spooky being way back in a tunnel and hearing a train coming… even if the one you’re standing in doesn’t have tracks!  The tunnel itself is at least 100 yards long and quickly goes pitch black inside because of a slight turn in the tunnel.

Anyway, I’ll share some of the pictures I got from there over the coming weeks.  I also hope to return there soon as while I was there, I had yet another photo idea!

–Dan Thompson

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