Fun with Light

Evidently my friend Steve Zigler and I have a real knack for finding heavy fog.  You may remember a while back I posted my “Fog Man” picture, which was a botched star trail night that turned into creative success (that subsequently turned into the first picture I ever sold for personal profit).  Well wouldn’t you know it… Steve and I got together to shoot the night sky at Clingman’s Dome and the clouds rolled right in again.  I don’t count it as too much of an omen yet because clouds seem to just sit on top of that mountain… but if our track record continues, I’ll let you know.

This image is obviously quite different from the ones I usually do and is actually a collaborative effort between myself, Steve, and even Holly pitched in.  It seems Steve has become quite the collector of things that generate light, so we just started messing around with the different gadgets he had.  The blue is from this funky neon light rope thing and the other light sources were various super bright flashlights.  We basically set the camera up and locked it down in one position, and just started trying different things with the lights.  Mash all that together in Photoshop… and this is what you get!

–Dan Thompson

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