I think it was the movie ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ that really caught my attention for this area of the world, but whatever it was, I felt that no trip to China would be complete without stopping here.  Without question, I’m glad we went.  Lhasa was Holly and I’s favorite stop in the country for scenery and culture… this was also the quietest city we had been in, with only hundreds of thousands of people as apposed to the millions we’d been seeing in other parts of China.

Tibet is strikingly beautiful and steeped in religious traditions.  In this photo the prayer flags wave in a slight breeze as the early morning sun lights up the Potala Palace in the back ground.  There is, however, a much darker side to Tibet.  Stay tuned for next week’s Picture of the Week for a first hand look.

— Dan Thompson

Title Address Description
Potala Palace
35 Central Beijing Road, Chengguan Qu, Lasa Shi, Xizang Zizhiqu, China, 850000

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