Ok, I’m done complaining (for today). Today has actually been a really good day. I thought that I would cry about getting my hair cut short, but I think all the crying from yesterday covered me for today. I had just a little short of 10 inches cut. I was going to donate it, but I didn’t make it to the 10 inch requirement. Dan says he likes the short hair on me and I really don’t care if he’s just being nice; because that is what I wanted/needed to hear. His opinion was the one that I cared most about…

Not only did I get my hair cut off today, but I also got my drains out! Praise the Lord for that! I have really been praying for these things to come out. The drains were still a little over 30 cc’s (which is the magic number for removing them), but the doctor said that since they had been in for 3 weeks and my skin was getting irritated from them that he would go ahead and take them out. I do have to take it easy for the next couple of days to hopefully keep the drainage lower and not develop any pockets that would have to be drained by a needle. I’m so ok with “low activity for a couple of days” since they are gone!!!! The removing of the drain on the left side was extremely painful. I probably would have cried if I was alone. It felt like someone pulling the ripcord from a toy top, but the top was my boob (expander) and my insides! It was really bad, but I could only feel the left side and they are out; that is the important part.

Trying on wigsYesterday was a really tough day and I needed to vent about it. Not only was it my last day with long hair,  but we went and looked at wigs. It was like the combination was too much. As much as I was dreading the wig shops, it was better than I had hoped for because of Dan. He agreed to participate… He put on a big dreadlock wig that was longer than my hair and used my ponytail holder! That made things much more fun! I tried a blonde wig on for him and I think he really wants me to get that one!!! Hahaha! We took a couple of pictures to document! I’m thinking that when I go back to the wig shops with my girlfriends that it will be an easier day. I’m going to make them put on crazy colors with me and I’ll take pictures of that, too!

Dan has been an absolute rock for me and I’m so glad that I have him in my life. He is my blessing. I do have to tell a funny story on him, though. Last week we went to the plastic surgeon’s office and this was the first time that I had more fluid put into my expanders. I’m the biggest noodle on the planet (and Dan knows this), so I was not watching the doctor get everything together for this process; I was just watching Dan. Anyway, the doctor pulls back to stick the needle into the expanders and Dan’s eyes nearly popped out of his head! He even covered his mouth as if to say “HOLY COW”. Yeah, not what I needed to see! So I expressed how unpleased I was with this look and he then says to me “I’m sorry… I just totally did not expect that needle to be SO BIG!” Needless to say this led to me freaking out and sweating like I just ran the bleachers. The doctor and the nurse got a kick out of it; and I laughed about it once it was over! It was like a cartoon episode!

Tomorrow we go for our 2nd opinion with the oncologist. I’m curious how this will go. Right now the oncologist that we met last week has suggested 6 rounds of chemo over 18 weeks. If the oncologist tomorrow says 4 rounds of chemo over 12 weeks, should we call the other doctor back? Because I know that I would sign up for as little as possible, but would want to know why one doc says this and the other says that… I’m ready to find out what comes from the appointment tomorrow.

— Holly Thompson

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