One of the most prominent features of Seoul, South Korea is the Han River, which snakes through the heart of the city. A quick look at Google maps shows that some 30 bridges cross the river throughout the city, and if you saw last week’s picture, you likely noticed that they, too, are an unmistakable aspect of Seoul’s skyline. While on the train to check out the Lotte World Tower (the super tall building in the background), I spotted the bridge in the photo above, and took note of it as something to find later. As it turned out, it’s REALLY hard to photograph the tower because of how tall it is, given its immediate surroundings…. so I decided to go find that bridge I had seen.

I didn’t realize until I got back that this is the Olympic Bridge (올림픽대교), but it totally makes sense, given that it looks like a big torch! Construction started on the bridge in 1985 and didn’t complete until 1990, two years after the Olympics in Seoul, BUT, the bridge stands 88 meters tall to commemorate the Games. Of the bridges I personally saw in Seoul, I thought this one was the neatest looking, and as an added bonus, you can see the giant building that I was trying to photograph AND they lit the bridge up with cool colors as the sun went down!

–Dan Thompson

The Olympic Bridge

The Olympic Bridge
574-16 Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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