POTW: Holly’s TV Debut

Holly on TV

    By now everyone is used to me being on TV; well this past week Holly got her time in the spotlight!  Our friends over at Komen Knoxville invited Holly to come on the Fox Morning Show here in Knoxville to talk about her breast cancer story and what the Race for the Cure means to her.  She did an EXCELLENT job, and despite Abby Ham’s suggestion that I had been coaching her; she did it all on her own (okay… I coached her a little, but not much :) )!  Check out the video below to hear what she had to say!
    Speaking of the Race for the Cure, there is still time to sign up for next week’s event!  Join our team and come out to support Holly and all the other survivors.  We’ll be getting together beforehand for a group photo and we’d love to have everyone there.


–Dan Thompson


  1. Holly did a great job and looked like she had been doing TV all her life. They could not have chosen a better spokesperson

  2. Hey Dan–Holly,

    Little behind on e-mail due to working early voting since the 17th (working during retirement sucks) but Holly was awesome!! Have missed you at the Rush but you guys are so busy with photo ops. and your t.v. work. Hope you both are doing well.


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