If you missed last week, you definitely owe it to yourself to go check out the wedding Holly and I attended in Poland, it was a lot of fun and a cultural experience like no other. While I’m on the topic of Poland though, I figured I’d go ahead and share more about it rather than bouncing back and forth (my brain likes these things to be in orderly chunks… but I have no idea if you, the reader, cares). Next week, back to Asia… I think. 🙂

If you’ve followed along with this blog for a while, or know Holly and I personally, you know we’ve been to Poland several times now (five times in fact). We’ve got friends there that we consider an extension of our family, plus we just really enjoy it there. Since the first time we visited Szczecin, I’ve admired the square (or… I guess it’s not really a square, but I don’t know what else to call it) pictured above. I love the Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle pictured in the background, which has been the subject of Picture of the Week a few times in the past already (here and here), and the rest of it really speaks “Europe” to me for some reason (oh, and that Italian restaurant on the corner is FANTASTIC). For whatever reason though, I’ve never come away with a shot of this particular scene that I’ve been super excited about. With this in mind, I was determined to come away with something this go around. In fact, this was the only scene I worked on this trip. Well, on one particular evening when Holly and I got back to the apartment, it was raining, but I was feeling inspired, so I decided to go take pictures in the rain. Earlier this year I took a photo of a lighthouse in the rain (you’ll see it later this year) that I was pleased with, so I figured I’d give it another try there in Poland. I would return to this spot several more times over the course of the trip, but I ended up liking the rainy one the best. Clearly I need to try to shoot in the rain more! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

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Szczecin, Poland
Staromłyńska 13, Szczecin, Poland

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