Last weekend was the Spring photography workshop at the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont, and if you’ve followed along to my blog for a while, you’ve seen a few pictures over the years that were a result of that workshop. I can say that I’ve learned more about photography from that workshop, and the people who have attended it, than any other place. I’ve also gained some great friends and photography buddies from the program as well; we refer to each other as our “photo family”.

This year I wasn’t able to attend the workshop, but I did manage to catch up to the bunch one morning while they were setup for sunrise on the Foothills Parkway. I had my camera with me and setup, but frankly I was there to see everyone. While were chitchatting away I happened to glance over at the mountains, and out of nowhere, the scene above had appeared. I have shot countless times from the Foothills Parkway, and it seems like each pull-off, and each sunrise, yields something slightly different. I love it!

I’m excited to say that next week, Picture of the Week begins the journey to Easter Island. I’ve slaved away at the images I captured there, and I’m excited to finally be sharing them with you. We’ll stop first in Santiago, Chile, and then we’ll be off to the island! Also, if you happened to miss last week’s post, you should definitely check it out. The shot of star trails over Greeter Falls has been the most popular picture on my blog in a while!

–Dan Thompson

Foothills Parkway

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