Live ABOVE the Chaos Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

If you follow along with me on Facebook, you likely saw that I had been working with a woman named Laurie O’Connor on her KickStarter project to crowdfund a book that she has written.  I’m happy to say that, not only did Laurie hit her goal of $6,000, she went OVER her goal by $710.  Interestingly, after recording, Laurie told me that she actually thought she needed $6,500 but accidentally said $6,000 while we were recording and so she felt like she needed to stick with that… but God, through all the donors, provided abundance for her and her project even still.

This whole process has been extremely interesting to me.  Crowdfunding caught my attention in the early days of KickStarter when lots of tech start-ups were using it to get their businesses off the ground.  Crowdfunding has since grown into an “anything and everything” market; books being well represented there.  Watching the days click by and the money come in was quite exciting, and in the end, the fact that her project was successfully funded is simply amazing.  I’m very proud to have played a small part in the effort.

For Laurie’s project, we wanted to do a video that stuck to the heart of how to effectively communicate to a KickStarter audience, while at the same time have something she could use for a website in the future (part of what her funding would go towards).  We landed on the idea of doing two separate endings; one with a solid “ask” for KickStarter and one with a nice closing statement for her website.  I’ve included both below for your viewing pleasure.

Now that all the funding is in, Laurie has been keeping everyone up to date on her progress.  As of today, she has hired a website designer and is in the final stages of the whole book process.  The books will likely be released this Fall.  Again, this was such a neat neat experience.  Working with Laurie was an absolute pleasure and I’m proud to have the Burning Flower name associated with her and her campaign.  Many thanks to Colby McLemore and Genna Sellers for their help with the lighting and making sure everything went off without a hitch.  Also, thanks to Stan Williamson for his work on the soundtrack of the video.

–Dan Thompson

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