…while I’m on the subject of animals doing funny things (if you missed it, be sure to check out last week’s post on monkeys), this seriously cracked me up, so I had to share.

Our cat Charlie loves to sleep in the funniest of positions, and sometimes in the funniest of places.  He’s an inside / outside cat, but over the summer he’s taken to spending a lot of his time outside.  Throughout the day he’ll disappear, and then magically reappear around time for dinner, or whenever the mood strikes him to come inside (he’ll meow at the door to let us know he’s ready).  Well, week before last we happened to stumble upon one of his hiding places.  Along one side of our house is a slope, and it’s the shady side of the house where not much grows, so monkey grass has been planted from one end of the house to the other.  Upon inspection one day, Holly happened to notice his back legs hanging out of the monkey grass (between the grass and the house), with the rest of him perfectly camouflaged (he regularly leaves his legs hanging out of his hiding places).  So there he was, laying on the ground among the tall grass… snoring away!  Evidently he’s perfectly comfortable there because he was sleeping so soundly he was drooling a bit (you can see it in the picture even LOL)!  Crazy thing!

Anyway, next week we’ll return to “serious” photography.  🙂

–Dan Thompson

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