Have I ever mentioned that I love renting cameras?  I feel like I have.  Anyway, earlier this year I finally got around to renting the camera I’ve been talking about buying for quite some time (quite some time because Canon took FOREVER to release it), the Canon 6D Mark II.  To test it out, Holly and I took a stroll up the Foothills Parkway for sunset.  The sunset was so so, but as we were driving back down the mountain, we happened upon this scene!  The moon was just starting to come up behind the mountains and you could already see its glow… it actually took us a second to realize what we were seeing!  I of course had to pull over and get some pictures… it was really amazing (much better than the sunset!)!  It’s easy to forget about moonrises (except when we have the way-over-blown “super moons” of course), but sometimes they can be just as interesting to photograph as sunrises / sunsets!

–Dan Thompson

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Foothills Parkway Section 8G, Walland, TN 37886, USA

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