I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  After a quick break last week, it’s time to return to the black and white street series I started a couple of weeks ago.  The original post in the series was actually taken in Singapore, while this week we transition to Hong Kong.  For those of you who have followed along with this blog for a bit, you may remember the image I shared last year of the high density housing units in Hong Kong, an image that is still one of my favorites from the city.  Well, this past time when I visited the city, I found another interesting complex, known as the Oi Man Estate.  This particular set of apartments is one of the government built facilities, as the name ‘estate’ implies here, and as you can tell… it’s quite old.  For it’s part, Hong Kong has been trying to knock down many of these older ones and build new ones, and the ones it can’t knock down, it has been working to renovate.  You can still find some of these old ones around though, and they make for some really interesting subjects I think.  I was particularly fascinated with this one because of its square shape, and dizzying height when you look up.  It looks like a scene from some crazy sci-fi move I thought (and in fact, some of these have appeared in movies.  The one from last year appears in Ghost in the Shell and another similar estate to this one was used for scenes in the 2012 movie Dredd. That one was round though… and has evidently been closed off to the public).

POTW will stick in Hong Kong for two more weeks.  Next week something a little more recognizable, and then two weeks from now… something a little different.  Can’t wait to share! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

Oi Man Estate

Oi Man Estate
Hau Man St, No. 12 Hill, Hong Kong

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