Last week I shared a Milky Way image from out at my ‘second favorite’ tree in Cades Cove.  People always laugh when I say that, but, short of naming the trees, I figured its just as easy to rank them (for reference “the tree” is my actual favorite, while my third favorite tends to change… it’s not an exact system for sure).  I also mentioned last week that the image was the result of a new processing technique I’ve been working on, and one that I’m super excited to share with everyone.  I think next week I’m actually going to share a series of images from Easter Island that I’ve remastered using this new process, and while I loved them to begin with, I REALLY love them now.  I believe this will be the first time I’ve ever “re-shared” pictures as well, so that should be interesting.

Anyway, this week’s image is from a location that is perhaps more recognizable.  John Oliver’s cabin has been the subject of many of my images over the years, and in fact, is actually where I first started working out how to do star trail photography.  I felt it was pretty fitting then to go back there and work on my newest thing, which is capturing the Milky Way.  I still love doing star trail images, but there is just something magical about capturing the beauty of our galaxy in all her glory.  I’ve been to some really dark places on our planet, and you can get a sense for the Milky Way as you gaze into the heavens, but man, wouldn’t it be awesome if our eyes could see what the camera “sees”!?

Till next week,

–Dan Thompson

Cades Cove

Cades Cove
Rich Mountain Loop Trail, Townsend, TN 37882, USA

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