Unlike Shanghai, Beijing doesn’t have an iconic skyline, or even a huge skyscraper district, but it does have its fair share of interesting architecture and sites. From the Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square, to the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest, and oh yes, we can’t forget the funky CCTV building (it’s at the top of my photography list for my next trip to Beijing!), there are loads of architectural scenes throughout the city. One that somehow managed to escape us when Holly and I were there in 2010, is The Egg!

Formally the National Center for the Performing Arts (or 国家大剧院 if you’re fancy), The Egg or The Giant Egg, is completely surrounded by water and looks like something from the future. To get in, there are tunnels that lead into it on two sides, one of which has a glass ceiling that allows you to look up through the water surrounding it. Pretty wild! Inside is are three auditoriums, with a total seating capacity of almost 5,500 people!

I was wanting to shoot The Egg just after sunset as I was hoping to get a little alpine glow to go along with the scene. Luck was on my side, as was the funky effect of having a lot of weird light pollution and super high humidity… I think it was the one time all those things worked together for a positive! 🙂

–Dan Thompson

National Centre for the Performing Arts

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