Alright, so my friend Rob called me out yesterday on Facebook to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and here is my video.  Of course, I opted to do it while hanging off a cliff!  🙂

This whole ALS #IceBucketChallenge thing has been extremely interesting to me because of it’s viral nature.  It has EXPLODED on the internet this year (no, this is not the first year of the event) BUT, what is missing from most videos is the cause behind the challenge.  I appreciate everyone getting on board and participating, but if you’re not sharing about ALS and why this is important, AND if you’re not donating… it’s just a fun thing people do to participate in a viral marketing campaign.  ALS is a horrible disease that has touched many families.  My friend Katie Smith had this to say:

We had a dear family friend when I was young named Anna (I called her Big Mommy). She was such a warm, funny lady who was a hairdresser and was loving and caring to us. I remember the day I was told she had ALS (we referred to it as Lou Gerig’s Disease). I had no idea what that meant when I was 10. But, this disease robbed us of this sweet woman.

Imagine being bedridden,  unable to move or speak at all, but being fully mentally aware of everything going on around you. Itliterally traps a person inside their bodies. The disease slowly incapacitates the victim until they get into this state of immobility.

In recent years, there has been little focus on this disease.  However, this challenge has helped to raise awareness and most of all money to help with research.

I’m thankful to the person who started this challenge and am looking forward to doing this for Big Mommy.

For more information about ALS, click here and to DONATE click here.

–Dan Thompson

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