Calla Lily



Okay, funny Dan story.  If you asked Holly, she would likely confess that I’m not the most observant person ever.  It’s weird, I’ll remember the strangest details about something, but totally miss the obvious ones.  Chalk it up to me getting distracted by what interests me I guess.  When we were in the Sacred Valley of Peru, quite some time ago, I had stepped out one morning to see what I could find to photograph.  The place we were staying, as it turned out, had some REALLY beautiful Calla Lilies blooming outside.  I was shocked and amazed at these beautiful, exotic flowers blooming and so I took pictures and then ran to tell Holly about them so she could come admire them as well.  When I proudly showed her the images I had taken and discussed how crazy it was that they grow naturally there and that I had never seen them growing outside like that before… she replied, “Dan, those are very pretty, but your mom has some of those growing out by their mailbox!”.  Oh.  Turns out she was right!

Well, we have tried over the years to get them to grow in our yard, always managing to kill them off before the Summer is over.  This year, however, completely out of nowhere, one sprouted up and bloomed in full glory.  We assume we had planted it there a Summer or two ago and it finally decided to grow.  Who knew they grew here? 🙂

–Dan Thompson

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