Sparks Lane

Last week I mentioned in Picture of the Week that while that image had gotten all the fame… it wasn’t actually the one I was out in the cold to get.  This week’s picture is the real reason I was out that night.

I’ve been thinking for a while that a night image, specifically a star trails shot, would be cool to do while there is snow on the ground.  The challenge though is it seems that the park is very quick to close the roads these days when there is snow out… not that I can blame them.  Top that off with the fact that we’ve not had a lot of clear nights lately, and I’ve been stuck with not much to do at night.  The stars aligned for us (pun intended) though a couple weeks ago with fresh snow and enough sunshine one day to melt the roads very late in the day, but cold enough temperatures to keep it in the fields and looking nice.  Sometimes you just have to be patient I guess!

–Dan Thompson

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