Last week I mentioned that I had captured two nice sunsets while in Destin this year.  Well, this is the second one. :)  I really loved the pastels of this one and all the reflections in the water as the boat was coming in… this was a good evening!

    If you’re ever in Sandestin at the Wharf, this place is a little hard to find.  There is a restaurant right on the edge of the water that always has a band playing (though I can’t remember the name of the place).  It feels awkward, but if you walk past the hostess stand and go in front of the band (like literally between the people eating and the band members LOL) there is a dock that extends a good ways out into the bay.  There are usually people fishing there and families taking pictures; and this is an excellent place to watch the sunset (you may remember my sunset picture from this exact spot last year)!  Just ignore your inner self saying you shouldn’t be walking where you’re walking… and keep on going.  You’ll be glad you did!

–Dan Thompson

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