Happy 2013 from the Thompsons!  We certainly hope you had a wonderful 2012 and that you will be blessed in 2013.  We had a pretty exciting 2012 and are looking forward to what God has in store for us in this new year.

I’d like to take a moment to announce a few changes / updates to the site.  I’ve added a new page for some video ideas I’ve had rolling around in my head and hope to tell several stories this year using that medium.  I have really enjoyed working on my photography skills over the past several years, but I am admittedly way more inspired by video here lately then I am still images.  Not to worry though, Picture of the Week isn’t going anywhere.  Once my Burning Flower Productions idea gets a little more solidified, I will likely spin it out into its own website.  My goal is for the first video to be done by March at which time I have a feeling you’ll get a better glimpse of my true vision for that. 🙂

The second change that I’d like to draw your attention to is the updated Travel page.  It is no secret that Holly and I love to travel, but what you may not know is that I commonly contribute to review sites like TripAdvisor.  As of late I have become a bit frustrated with these sites because there seem to be a good number of  fake reviews finding their way through the filtration process and frankly all that effort gets me nothing except neat gold stars and a “Top Contributor” badge.  I’ve decided to start posting those reviews here on our own site where at least you can be confident of the source.  I’ll likely start pulling all my past reviews in later this month, so if you’re a subscriber, you’ll be seeing a lot of activity in January and February.

That’s all for now; have a wonderful rest of the week and an excellent 2013!

–Dan Thompson

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