2011 Year End Review

    So this morning I spent a little time thinking about 2012 and what all I wanted to accomplish and I also took some time to think back over 2011.  This week instead of doing a new picture for POTW I decided to do a collage of some of the things that happened over the last 12 months… a sort of year end review.

    Holly and I got to go to some cool places in 2011.  Earlier in the year we went out to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  We were excited and amazed by what we found there and really underscored for us just how truly blessed our Nation is with beautiful parks that we can all enjoy.  Holly and I also discovered the Megabus this past year which led to two trips to Washington D.C.; one of which was just a weekend getaway to check out the museums and one was a way to cut down on trip costs… that trip of course was to Iceland.   Iceland was a truly unique place and I can honestly say that, had you asked me 10 years ago if I ever thought I’d go to Iceland, I would likely have told you no.  Our horizons and dreams are constantly changing, who knows where 2012 will have us.

    Photography was something I spent a lot more time doing this past year.  Between taking classes and just general goofing around, I spent a lot of time behind my camera.  I also fell in love with night photography and have become somewhat of an addict.  I’ve spent the weekend checking out weather reports and trying to decide if I’ll get to go out night shooting at all.  That’s just kind of how it goes here lately. 🙂

    2011 also had its emotional highs and lows.  Holly and I said goodbye to a very dear friend this past year, Dale Young. Dale was a great man and a true friend; the kind you don’t find too often.  I’m positive we will continue to miss him in 2012, but are blessed to have such great memories.  One thing we will NOT miss, however, is cancer.  On the other end of the emotional spectrum Holly finished up all her treatments and we celebrated multiple times her victory over breast cancer.  I think we both came away with a more tuned appreciation for life and all that God has given us.  Here’s to never forgetting that.

Happy New Year friends.

–Dan Thompson

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