Henley Street Bridge Construction

    A couple weeks ago I wrapped up a night photography class that I had been taking at the University of Tennessee led by Steve Chastain, and so I thought I’d take a couple weeks and share some of the images I took.  This class was a little different from the previous ones I’d taken at UT in that the assumption was that you understood how to use your camera… so we just went out and shot… which was awesome.  The second week of class we met down to Volunteer Landing in Downtown Knoxville and did some shooting along the boardwalk there.  The time hadn’t changed yet so it was a great time to catch some late evening light.  Henley Street bridge has been under construction (destruction?) for quite some time now and made for some interesting photos.  It almost looks like something out of a war zone with just the towers and arches remaining.

    As many of you know, night photography has become something of a passion of mine (some have called it an obsession), so this class was right up my alley.  If you’re into photography, I’d recommend this class as it covers a lot of the challenges that shooting in low light situations present… AND, you get to go to some interesting places to learn.  Fun stuff!

–Dan Thompson

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