One of the perks of my job as Manager of Product Development is that I get to play with all the cool new gadgets that come out (I know… it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it).  As neat as that may sound, checking out new phones can get old.  I have been unimpressed with much of the market lately… not because they’re not nice devices or aren’t worth buying… there just isn’t much new going on.  Bigger, faster, better gets boring after a while if there isn’t any new innovation.  Well, a little while back I stumbled up something new(ish) that I wanted to share.  The Webtop desktop app that is on all the newer Motorola phones is simply amazing.  I was so blown away by it that I committed to using it as my sole work desktop for a month.  How did it go?  Well… I only pulled out my laptop once out of frustration; and for me… that’s pretty amazing.  Could this be your next “desktop computer”?  Check it out!

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–Dan Thompson

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